SmartControls: An easy way to control your desktop via iPhone using shortcuts



Do you want to work more efficiently on your Mac or PC? Or even just operate your media player comfortably from the couch? Then SmartControls is what you need!

Operate programs easily from your iPhone! Avoid the tedious work of choosing a command and stop memorizing endless combinations of key strokes. We offer a very clear layout that you can adjust according to your preferences. Choose from a large selection of symbols and create your own buttons for operating programs on your computer. Or simply use one of our default displays for a wide variety of programs. We will provide you with new default displays as we are constantly expanding our symbols menu.


  • Operate your favorite computer programs with your iPhone
  • Create your own buttons for keyboard commands
  • Defaults for Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), MS Office, various media players and browsers, etc.
  • Change between open windows and programs with a two-finger swipe
  • Work in portrait and landscape mode
  • 144 symbols
  • 16 different button shades
  • 20 possible buttons per page
  • 15 possible pages per program, allowing up to 300 commands
  • Symbol and default updates


  • WiFi
  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher or Windows 7
  • Our software, available for free on our website for Mac or PC




  1. Download the app from appstore
  2. Download the free Windows program or Mac program
  3. Install program. On Mac simply click on the downloaded file. On Windows execute the installer and the program will start. Windows will ask you if you want to allow the program to communicate with the network (see screenshot below). Please check both checkboxes and klick "allow access".
  4. The desktop app will appear. A random password number is shown. Please enter this password number on your smartcontrol iPhone app.


Smartcontrols uses apple bonjour to discover your iphone

  • please check that your iphone is in the same WLAN as your PC 
  • please check if your local windows firewall is configurated to allow smartcontrols to talk with your iphone
    • check it over: START->type in the search bar "Firewall" and click "Windows firewall"
    • now to try out if this is the problem, you can switch off your firewall for a minute
    • if the you see a client on your iphone, it is a firewall problem. The you have to add a local rule for smartcontrols
  • if it was not a firewall problem, please check ifbonjour service is running.
    • go to the task manager (CRT+ALT+DEL) and in the tab "services" check for a service calles "bonjour service". This must run (and be allowed to communicate thru your firewall as well)
    • If this is the problem, you can also install iTunes in order to activate bonjour
    • If you are using an old itunes, please update to a newer one. Some times this can cause problems.
  • See also this link for a usefull description to configure bonjour and your firewall in order to allow a communication


If you have any problems or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.